About Products

flashNtap solutions for an absolute contactless receipt in a flash. Being an environment friendly solution, flashNtap will significantly minimize the use of thermal paper through the transactional lifecycle of Retail Industry. As a result, merchants can gain cost savings incurred on thermal paper.

Product Offering

With flashNtap Digital Cube and eReceiptPro, paper receipt will soon become a thing from the past. Try flashNtap today and provide contactless receipts to your shoppers.

flashNtap Digital Cube

flashNtap Digital Cube brings contactless receipts to shoppers​

To merchants, provides cost savings incurred on thermal paper expenses

Seamless integration with your existing POS software or hardware

flashNtap eReceiptPro

flashNtap eReceiptPro brings contactless digital receipt with just a phone tap​

Provides an easy way to store and manage your expenses​

OCR technology captures e-receipt data and provides spend analytics​


Product Benefits


Digitization - Hassle free receipts, the digital experience

Digitization is of crucial importance to data processing, storage and transmission. Never lose one or miss a claim.


Cost Savings - as good as earning

A merchant printing 1000 receipts a day spends between $5,475 to $18,250 per year just on the thermal paper.


Environment - Together, lets save the environment​

From 12.4 million trees and 13 billion gallons of water being consumed each year for thermal paper, generating 1.5 billion pounds of waste and 4 billion pounds of carbon dioxide​