flashNtap is a product developed by VIInc, a low-cost plug and play device that aims to significantly reduce thermal paper usage and production.​

At VIInc, the idea was founded out of curiosity and determination as to why we cannot discern it is a wastefulness of paper for receipts, knowing that paper will be thrown away, lost or fade over time.​

This idea took shape, and we were highly motivated to redirect the world from being improvident to our natural resources, towards digitization – a full stop to paper receipts.​

Regardless of where your journey leads, we are gladly here to take your day-to-day retail shopping experience to result with a real digital receipt – with just a phone tap.

Green Retailing does not necessarily need to be expensive. We are here to assist you with your first step towards green retailing, besides the huge cost savings, health safety and digital experience to your shoppers.

Meet the Team

Meet the faces behind our company. Our team offers the most up-to-date, sustainable custom solutions to the problem. They work so hard to provide best to their customers.


Prasad Seelam

CEO & Founder

Venkata G Thota


Surendra Varma Janga

IT Marketing Manager

Narendra Arethoti

IT Sales Manager


Lino Mathew Samuel

Product Development Manager

Sauda Sadaf

Android & iOS Architect

Neil Babu

Android Developer

Rekha R Gowda

Web & Backend Developer

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