What is flashNtap eReceiptPro?
flashNtap eReceiptPro helps to get you contactless receipts and reduces the use of thermal receipt enabling you to store and save the receipt in digital format. flashNtap eReceiptPro uses OCR to extract all the data from receipts enabling you to manage your spend with analytics.
How do I use flashNtap eReceiptPro?
Well it’s very simple. Download the app from APP store of Google play store. Subscribe for free and start using to get your digital receipts. Open the App (IOS) press the NFC button on my receipts screen and tap onto flashNtap hardware. For Android just tap the phone and flashNtap eReceiptPro will get active just a phone tap and received the receipt.
How do I upload receipt if retailer/store owner doesn’t carry flashNtap hardware?
No worries, you can still use the camera option to snap a picture of the receipt and upload to your account
How do I upload receipts from my phone?
You can upload previous/old receipts from your phone, using Gallery option.
Where are my receipts stored?
Every eReceipt uploaded will be saved to your account on flashNtap eReceiptPro AWS database. It will not affect your phone/device internal storage.
How do I access my receipts?
You can view your receipts in flashNtap eReceiptPro App whenever you want on ‘My Receipts’ screen. Older receipts can be downloaded whenever you need by using ‘Download Receipts’ feature.
Can I choose specific date range to download receipts?
Yes, download receipts feature will let you choose specific period and receipts will be send to the associated email Id.
Can I receive receipts to my mail.
We provide an option “Receive email’. When opted, the receipts will be sent to your registered email immediately after loading into your flashNtap eReceiptPro account.
Do I still get promotional content from retailers using flashNtap eReceiptPro?
No, flashNtap eReceiptPro will never share your personal data/email with others. So, there will be no possibility that you’ll receive promotional content from flashNtap eReceiptPro.
What is OCR in flashNtap eReceiptPro?
Our OCR (optical character recognition) service will extract the data from your receipt and present to you in detail in your Receipt Detail Screen. This will enable manage your spend and track expenses.
How can I use OCR in flashNtap eReceiptPro?
Choose a plan and subscribe to get credits for OCR. You can turn on Auto process to perform OCR on all the receipts you load into flashNtap eReceiptPro account, Or can choose to manually perform OCR on each receipt.
Can I cancel my subscribed plan?
Yes, you can cancel your plan whenever you feel to do so.
Do I have to re-subscribe every month to get OCR credits?
Not really, once you choose your plan and subscribe to it, flashNtap eReceiptPro will automatically charge your card and every month and give you credits per your plan until you cancel.
How long the OCR credits be valid for?
OCR credits will be valid for 60 days. However, if you don’t use the credits, they will expire after 60 days.
Can I share my receipts using flashNtap eReceiptPro?
You can share your receipts to anyone using flashNtap eReceiptPro using share option.
Can I track my expenses?
All the receipts that are OCR processed can be used to track your expenses Daily, Monthly, yearly. You can also search for a period to view the expense statement. Please note, receipts that are not OCR processed will not be visible in your expense statement.
Can I search for specific item from my previous receipts?
Using smart search, you can find the specific items and it will act as a price comparison tool.
Can I use my receipts data to file tax returns?
Yes, you can use these receipts, but you need to verify data and VIINC’s flashNtap and flashNtap eReceiptPro will not be responsible to any miss representation